Guard your website against Plagiarism

People do scrap contents from different website, and then they make it a part of their own. To check your website against improper thefts, website plagiarism “Copyscape” has taken good steps towards checking for duplicate materials.

Power seek, now has added Plagiarism via Copy Scape.

How to check

  1. Load up Power seek.
  2. click Search engines combo box.
  3. Type “Copy”
  4. press TAB
  5. type your website address (complete address, which would be something like “”)
  6. Press Enter.

You will see the links to those pages which are either duplicate or have the references.


How to check the Weather of any given city.

Let me put a basic scenario to you.

You are going to Malaysia and you need to check out weather forecast, about how will the weather be like for the next 3 or 4 days.

Perform a Power Seek Search for Weather info.

Go to Power Seek page (, and

1. choose “Weather Channel” from the drop down.

2. Enter your CITY name. For example, Karachi.

3. Press ENTER.

In about seconds, weather information will be displayed to you. Try searching for Weathers on

Google Search results. 100 in a page

When you will first see Power Seek, the most widely used Search Engine, according to different users is top on the list, which is “Google Search”. Additionally, this Google Search is with a small twist. This Google Search displays 100 results per page, which easily translates to

You do not have to click NEXT, at the bottom of Google results, 10 times to see different results. You see them in one go.

You can try search on Google 100 Results right here. (

Power Seek

Power Seek is the Search page / tool developed to search against multiple Search Engines by being on one single page. It allows the researcher to search, sift through multiple sites in no time, using just one Browser Windows / Tab.

Once can check out the Power Seek in action @